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Holiday Gift Guide for Gluten-Free Friends

The holidays are here, and rather than put together a list of items that are special and unique, I decided that practical gifts were something that everyone can use. Since I have Celiac Disease, they are all chosen to be things that are great if you are gluten-free. Of course, I cannot leave out Suki from the gift guide since she is the true star. Whether you a treating a friend or family member or just buying something for yourself, these gifts are some you can enjoy all the time.

Suki’s Stocking Stuffer Recommendations for the dogs in your life

Black Gluten Detection Dog carrying a green Hartz Dura Play ball in her mouth.

Hartz Dura Play Bacon Scented Squeak Ball - This is Suki’s favorite toy, and the favorite of every dog at Yappy Hour. Dogs are crazy for these and they last even if you have a very aggressive chewer.

Red West Paw Toppl Puzzle toy for dogs

West Paw Toppl – These are a favorite toy to treat. Fill it with special treats or food and let the dog work on it. They will keep puppies and adult dogs busy and will tire them out.

Cod Skins – These crunchy treats are a great chew without the gross factor of bully sticks.

Stocking Stuffer Recommendations for the Humans on Your List

Digital Gluten Free Restaurant Cards - Restaurant cards written by someone with Celiac Disease using native language for dishes and ingredients. These cards are also verified by native speakers. They are designed for travel whether you are headed to a beach vacation in Mexico or Costa Rica or to try real Italian pizza and pasta, Legal Nomads has the card for your trip.

Hu Limited Edition Winter Collection Chocolate Bars

Hu Chocolate Winter Collection - I have to stay away from sugar, but sometimes I just want a treat. Hu Chocolates give you that delicious chocolate taste, but they are made with coconut sugar for a lower glycemic index. They are also certified gluten free. This is a new holiday collection I definitely want to try. If these flavors aren’t your favorite they have both dark and milk chocolate bars in a variety of different flavors and fillings.

Picture of 5 different flavors of Wild Zora Bars

Wild Zora Bars are my go-to meat bar for on-the-go snacking. They have unique flavors and are not overly meaty or hard to chew. This sampler pack is a great way to try out the flavors.

Sun Bum Variety Pack Lip Sunscreen (Coconut, Banana, Watermelon) - Winter Sun is some of harshest out there, and my lips always feel chapped in the winter. I love to apply sunscreen regularly. These Sun Bum sunscreens sticks are gluten free and they taste good too. They have broad spectrum SPF30 sunscreen and Aloe and Vitamin E to protect your lips during all your winter activities. They are also hypoallergenic and vegan.

Self-Care Essentials

Picture of a deep, freestanding white bathtub in a modern bathroom

Epsom Salts - An Epsom Salt bath is a wonderful self-care, detox treat. These salts are unscented, but you can add essential oils for fragrance and extra relaxation.

Epilynx Skin Care - This gluten-free, hypoallergenic skin care line is designed for people with autoimmune dise

Picture of Epilynx skin care, 3 bottles all gold

ases. It pampers your skin without all the gluten and other allergens. Get 20% off with code SUKI20

Amazon Fire Stick – for those days when you just want to watch some TV or a movie.

Kitchen Essentials

Since we spend so much time in the kitchen, these are all items that make my life much easier.

Hot Logic Mini Oven – This is my kitchen on the go. I take this for travel to heat food or cook food in my hotel rooms. I also take it to meetings. Simply plug it in at 8am and by noon you have a hot meal.

Souper Cubes – As someone with Celiac Disease calling for takeout is not something you can do easily. This is my answer to that. I make soups and stews and I freeze portions of them in these containers. Once frozen, they can be bagged and stored for later. I pack the cubes with me on trips or I use them as quick meals when I just don’t feel like cooking.

InstantPot – This is a splurge, but it is the appliance I use all the time. It is a fool proof way of cooking lots of foods. From steaming veggies to cooking a soup in minutes, it is my answer to fast food. If you have one of these on the shelf, get it out and start using it. It is a game changer.

These posts contain affiliate links when you purchase from the links, I will a commission from the links.

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