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Gluten-Free Travel Made Simple: Essential Items for Your Next Trip

Updated: Apr 3

Travel with Celiac Disease can be hard. It is sometimes very tempting to bring your entire kitchen on a trip, but don't do that. Here are a few items I brought on a recent road trip and some I bring on every trip, whether I fly or drive. Put together your own Celiac Travel Kit for gluten-free travel.

Glass lock container to cook in or reheat - I love to bring food with me and reheat it. These glass containers hold my lunch on my travel day, and I can use them to cook almost anything, either in a microwave or in my Hot Logic Mini Oven.

Hot Logic Mini Oven to cook food I bring or buy. This comes on almost every trip. Read more about how I pack food for travel. They even have one that runs on 12Volt for car travel. It works more like a slow cooker, so don't expect it to heat things quickly. I like to put food into the container in the morning for a hot lunch.

Small waffle maker you can use to cook waffles, eggs, hashbrowns, mini sandwiches. This could fit in even the smallest bag.

Mini Waffle maker sitting next to an egg and cheese sandwich that was made in it
Mini Waffle Maker

Collapsible kettle is my newest addition. This will quickly boil water for tea, soup, macaroni and cheese, or oatmeal. A quick way to make safe food.

Toaster Bags go with me on every trip. We all know that gluten-free bread is better toasted, but toasters are a landmine of cross-contact. Simply place your bread in the bag and drop it in any toaster. The toast will be free of gluten, and ready for you to safely eat. This is a great addition to a family member's home.

Teal Silicone Travel Kettle that collapses flat for portablitiy
Collapsable Kettle

Flexible Cutting Board is a must-bring if I plan on cooking. They fit in easily into any suitcase and make the prep surfaces safe. If I travel by car, I also like to bring my own knife with me. That makes cooking so much easier.

Ziplock Baggies for any leftovers from great gluten-free restaurants or to bag up food you make. I like to take a combination of quart and gallon-sized bags.

Aluminum Foil or Parchment paper makes cooking surfaces safe from cross-contact. I also love parchment paper for wrapping up sandwiches or my favorite breakfast burritos.

I also pack a dishcloth or a sponge for easy cleanup. If you are traveling somewhere without a kitchen, make sure you add some silverware.

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