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Gluten-Free Oregon: Eugene & Albany

After a couple of days in the gluten-free food town of Portland, Oregon, we drove to Eugene, Oregon to check out the water trials at the Portuguese Water National Specialty. We stopped at our hotel in Eugene to eat the sandwiches we bought in Portland at New Cascadia Traditional and then we drove to Dexter Lake to watch the dogs compete in the events.

Portuguese Water Dog diving into the water off the boat.  Competing in the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America's National Specialty
Portuguese Water Dog Water Work

Portuguese Water Dog's at Work

The dogs were bred to work the fishing boats in Portugal, so these trials keep that history alive. The dogs swim a variety of objects between the boats: mail, nets, and buoys. They also deliver a line from the shore to the boat. It was amazing to see the excitement in the dogs and the teamwork between the handlers and the dogs.

Beautiful Eugene's Gluten-free Find

Jazzy Ladies Cafe Club 100% gluten-free restaurant in Eugene, Oregon
Jazzy Ladies Cafe in Eugene, Oregon

The day was very warm so by the time we returned to our hotel in Eugene, we again decided on takeout. We ordered from Jazzy Ladies Cafe which is 100% gluten free. It was in such a cute area and the restaurant was beautiful. I recommend you dine in there to enjoy the location. I ordered the Caesar Salad with Chicken and the Pesto Flatbread. The light dinner was the perfect end to a hot day. The salad was perfectly dressed, the chicken was seasoned well, and the croutons were crunch and delicious. The pesto flatbread had that fresh pesto flavor and the crust of the flatbread had a great texture. They have small plates, large entrees, and a very enticing breakfast menu. If you are in Eugene, this is a must-stop.

Albany's Hidden Gem

Finally, we spent our last day in Albany for the agility trials. Albany also has a 100% gluten free restaurant, Homegrown Oregon Foods. They specialize in locally sourced, fresh ingredients to create their comforting specialties. They also have frozen meals you can take with you.

Freezer with homemade frozen food at Homegrown Oregon Foods in Albany, Oregon 100% gluten-free restaurant

They were closed for vacation when we drove through a few days before, otherwise I would have purchased some meals for our trip. This is a great option if you are traveling in the area. They also cater. The restaurant was a sweet homestyle place. From the lunch menu, I ordered the Homegrown Oregon Bowl with chicken, beans, basmati rice, and fresh vegetables. The ingredients were fresh and flavorful. The portions were very good as well. The staff there was so nice and welcoming. I highly recommend it if you are in the area.

100% Gluten-free meal from Homegrown Oregon Foods in Albany, Oregon
Homegrown Oregon Foods

Travel beyond Portland

This little adventure in Oregon was so much fun. The landscape was beautiful. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a new gluten-free adventure. If you are in Portland, take a drive south to visit these wonderful gluten-free restaurants in Eugene and Albany. I can’t wait for my next trip back. There are still many restaurants left to try.

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