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The Top Gluten-Free Finds from Natural Products Expo West 2024

Get ready for some exciting new gluten-free foods coming to stores near you.

Anaheim Convention Center with large banners that say Natural Products Expo West with crowds of people in the foreground
Natural Products Expo West

Natural Products Expo

Natural Products Expo West is a food industry trade show where manufacturers of natural products launch their latest new items. The show is massive, takes over the entire Anaheim Convention Center, and is attended by retailers and manufacturers from across the United States and some worldwide.  Suki and I attended to see what our favorite brands were launching and to try some of the latest gluten-free foods.


Gluten-Free Breakfast Options

Breakfasts can be challenging when you are gluten-free. I tried some delicious new gluten-free breakfast foods that will make your life much easier.


Boxes of Waffles with pieces of waffles belwo
Brazi Bites Blueberry and Cheesy Gluten-Free Waffles

Brazi Bites has 3 delicious new waffles: Cheesy, Homestyle, and Blueberry.  My favorite were the cheesy ones.  You have to try them. They contain 9 grams of protein for a hearty breakfast.


Zego Foods launched a new organic superfood blend oatmeal that, like all its other products, is purity verified and tested for gluten below 5ppm. The test results are on every bag they sell. If you can eat oats, these are the ones to try.

Super Food oatmeal blend that is purity verified and certified gluten free
Zego Foods Gluten-Free Oatmeal Superfood Blend


If you can’t digest oats, I found 2 different non-oat hot cereal options.  Chici is a grain-free oatmeal made with chickpeas.  It has a nice texture and tastes very good, and comes in 4 flavors: Original, Maple Syrup, Banana Bread, and Apple Pie.   Wella is another grain-free cereal made from almonds, chia, coconut, and flax.  They come in Apple Cinnamon, Original, Snickerdoodle, Cranberry Pecan, and Pumpkin Spice.  The Wella cereal is available in a variety pack on I loved that both cereal brands don’t have any added sugar or sugar substitutes.  They are sweetened with fruit. 


Gluten-free Pizza

Gluten-Free Pizza samples.  The crust looks like it is a regular gluten pizza.  It is hand stretched
Caulipower Foods Pizza Roma Gluten-Free Pizza

Gluten-free pizza was so popular this year, but two brands blew me away. Caulipower Foods had the most variety of new pizzas, including their Over the Top pizzas, which are gourmet pizzas from the frozen foods aisle for those who love extra toppings. The standout in their line was a pizza that I thought contained gluten. The Pizza Roma has a stretchy stone-fired crust that you will not believe is made from cauliflower. It was so delicious. 


Slice of gluten-free pizza on a paper plate.  It looks like regular gluten pizza
Oggi Foods Gluten-Free Pizza

Oggi Foods was a new brand to me, and their pizza was another one that made me question if they were truly gluten-free. Their hand-stretched, stone-baked pizzas were so delicious, and I also questioned a few times if they were truly gluten-free.


Sweet Lorens also had a fantastic new pizza dough that tasted delicious. It would be a great option if you are making gluten-free flatbreads. It is also dairy-free.


Easy Gluten-Free Meals

When you have Celiac Disease, you find yourself cooking constantly, and the fatigue can become overwhelming sometimes. I love the many new, easy options for making main meals.


Quick-Cook Pasta

Package of gluten-free tortelloni pasta
Taste Republic Gluten-Free Tortelloni

Taste Republic showcased some family-size gluten-free frozen pastas that cook in minutes. They included gluten-free egg noodles, spinach and cheese tortelloni, and four-cheese tortelloni. I love Taste Republic pastas, and these were no exception. You will not miss the gluten in these; they are so easy to cook. They are the perfect option to have on hand for those days when you need a quick and easy meal.


Frozen Entrée Meals

Picture of Kevin's Gluten-Free Orange Chicken Frozen Entree
Kevin's Orange Chicken Bowl

Kevin’s Natural Foods has introduced new frozen entree bowls that you simply heat and eat. Eight new bowls will be stocked in the freezer section. All of them are gluten-free and paleo. They sampled the Orange Chicken, and it was delicious. The sauce had just the right amount of sweetness, and the chicken, vegetables, and rice were perfectly balanced. The entrée has 21 grams of protein. I can’t wait to try the other entrees: Beef Bolognese, Chicken Burrito Bowl, Korean BBQ-Style Chicken, Orange Chicken, Parmesan Basil Chicken, Roasted Tomato Chicken Pasta, Savory Mushroom Chicken, and Thai-Style Coconut Chicken.


Macaroni & Cheese

Hand holding a package of Jovial Foods gluten-free macaroni and cheese
Jovial Gluten-Free Truffle Mac & Cheese

If you have Celiac Disease, Mac and cheese is a comfort food you often miss, but thankfully, there have been huge improvements in the world of gluten-free mac and cheese.  Jovial Foods introduced a new Truffle Mac & Cheese which is made from their rice pasta.  It had just a light flavor of truffle.  If you like their original mac and cheese, you will love this one.  This one contains dairy.


Goodles was a new brand to me, but they have entered the gluten-free mac and cheese area, and they are very strong competitors.  They have both a dairy-free and dairy version of their Cheddy Mac.  The macaroni in the Cheddy Mac is made from corn, brown rice, chickpeas, and yellow peas.  It reminded me very much of the traditional gluten Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.  It received rave reviews at the show as well.


Chicken Nuggets

Bag labeled Caulipower Dill Flavored Chicken bites
Caulipower Dill Chicken Bites

You can’t talk about mac and cheese without talking about chicken nuggets. Caulipower Foods launched Dill-Flavored chicken bites. They are made from all-white meat chicken and coated with a crispy gluten-free cauliflower coating. They brought me back to the flavor of Chick-fil-A nuggets, and I could not get enough. If you aren’t a pickle fan, they have a variety of regular and spicy nuggets and chicken tenders. You will never guess you are eating cauliflower.


I saw so many more foods and more than I even got to see during my time at Expo West. Additionally, I saw so many new snack foods that I will write a separate post just to feature them.

What sounds best to you?


If you need some shopping inspiration, check out my Instacart Shopping lists for Costco and Sprouts.

This article contains affiliate links, I will receive a small percentage off any purchases you may make using the links. I appreciate your support.








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