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Gluten-Free Travel Guide: Denver, Colorado - Home to some of the best dedicated gluten-free restaurants in the United States

Updated: 5 days ago

Denver is one of the top destinations for gluten-free travel in the United States. Whether passing through on your way to ski or Rocky Mountain National Park or enjoying the sights around Denver, it is a must-visit destination if you have Celiac Disease or are gluten-free. Here are the dedicated gluten-free restaurants and the restaurants that offer many gluten-free choices.

Dedicated Gluten-Free Restaurants

These locations are all dedicated gluten-free. They are all celiac-safe. Suki and I visited each of these locations, and she gives them her boop of approval. There are many more in Denver, but after 2 trips, we have not visited them all.

Rivers and Roads Coffee is my favorite stop from the airport. Whether breakfast or lunch or picking up a delicious biscuit or cookie for later, this is the place to go. I highly recommend the biscuit sandwiches, and I would definitely buy some yummy treats for your stay.

Roast Chicken, Squash, and caulflower mash from JustBe Kitchen
JustBe Kitchen

JustBe Kitchen This was the first dedicated gluten-free restaurant I visited after my diagnosis. I was still trying to understand if other foods caused me additional issues, so I was eating on the autoimmune paleo diet (AIP). They had many options and alternatives; I almost cried when I first visited. They have options for most dietary needs (grain-free, keto, dairy-free, low histamine, Special Carbohydrate, no refined sugar) . I love the breakfast burrito. I also visited there for an incredible New Year's Eve dinner. They were even featured on the TV show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. They have locations in Downtown, DTC/Greenwood (with Holidaily Brewery), and in Boulder.

Arepa - Venuzelan flatbread filled with beef, plantains, and beans
Arepa from Quiero Arepas

Quiero Arepas makes fluffy corn-based Venezuelan sandwiches. The corn flatbread is soft and warm, and they fill each pocket with deliciously seasoned meats, plantains, and beans. This restaurant was the first place I tried an Arepa, and since visiting, I have eaten arepas in Utah and Hawaii. This is still the best arepa I have eaten. They have vegetarian options, too. I enjoyed the Pabellon which is the national dish of Venezuela. It is made from stewed beef, black beans, sweet plantains, and cheese which you can omit. I still dream of this delicious dish.

No Cow Bakery - If you visit the Castle Rock area, check out this gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan bakery. The cupcakes we tried were fresh and delicious. They have various baked goods, but the offerings change regularly, so call in advance. I enjoyed the red velvet cupcake the most.

Plate of 3 different tacos with birra sauce in the middle
Tacos from Teocalli Cocina

Teocalli Cocina is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. That says something from someone who was raised in Arizona and lives in San Diego one of the top cities for Mexican restaurants. I visited the Arvada location, but they also have one in Lafayette. I recommend starting with the mouth-watering chips and salsa trio and one of the craft cocktails. The margaritas are incredible. If you get there early, you can even enjoy Happy Hour from 3-5pm. I love to try different tacos with a side of the esquites. You will not regret it. The only challenge here is trying to decide which dish to eat. The food is so good, I have not had room for dessert when I visited.

Gluten-Free Beer: Does it really exist?

3 glasses of beer in a beer flight: 2 stouts and 1 sour ale
Holidaily Beer Flight

Holidaily Brewing Gluten-free beer is a rarity, but Holidaily is working hard to make it well-known. This is my favorite gluten-free brewery. I have visited their original location in Golden and their newer location in the Denver Tech Center (DTC) area. You can enjoy gluten-free beer on tap at both locations, and they have non-alcoholic drinks like kombucha and root beer. The beer is certified gluten-free. I love that they have a variety of beers from Blondes and Ales to IPAs and Stouts. When we visited the Golden Taproom, we picked out a flight of beers. At the DTC location, the beers were paired with my special New Year's Eve dinner from Just Be Kitchen. The DTC location shares the same space as Just Be, so you can enjoy a beer with your meal. If you are headed out to Red Rocks for a concert or to hike, make sure you stop at the Golden taproom. I picked up some beer to take home and enjoy. My favorites are the stouts, but my friend enjoyed the blondes. They also have seasonal flavors on tap that you can purchase in a growler or can.

The best part of my Denver trips has been enjoying time with friends old and new. Pictured below are some of our fellow friends with Celiac Disease. Kari who is a dog behaviorist and pet nutritionist and the owner of Wag and Train Dog Training in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jenny Finke has the amazing blog, Good For You Gluten Free. Birdie is Kari's gluten detection dog, and she is one of Suki's besties. We loved exploring Denver with our friends and we can't wait to go back again. Stay tuned for part 2 which are the non-dedicated restaurants I visited in Denver.

Want to learn how I find restaurants that are safe for people with Celiac Disease? Check out this article. Finding Celiac Friendly Gluten-Free Restaurants.

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