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My Life
My Story

Our Celiac Story

Kendra's Story

 I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2017, I found that eating a strict gluten-free diet was very challenging due to many instances where food in restaurants contained gluten, even though it should have been gluten-free. After getting sick many times, I decided to train a gluten detection dog. We have been training since Suki was 6 months old. She checks all my food, medicine, and personal care products. She has already saved me several times from getting violently ill from gluten.

Suki's Story

Suki is a Portuguese Water Dog who is a Gluten Detection Dog. She checks food, medicines, and personal care products for her mom, Kendra who has Celiac Disease. She raises a paw when she detects gluten and noses a leg when there is none.  She was born March 27, 2020, and she is a true pandemic puppy.

Woman with her black gluten detection service dog in front of the San Diego Bay and downtown
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