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Join Kendra in the Gluten-Free Wellness Community Group

  • Gluten-Free Wellness Community

    Every month
    Online community group to support you on your gluten-free, Celiac journey.
    • Twice monthly virtual get togethers - 55 minutes each
    • Additional special events (cook with me)
    • Private Online Facebook Group for members to connect
Having Celiac Disease can be isolating and lonely.  It is often so overwhelming.  
This group gives you a place to:

  • connect with people who understand and can relate.

  • learn how to overcome the challenges that may stand in your way.

  • learn how to communicate your needs effectively with friends, family, and co-workers.

  • find out ways to travel and experience new adventures without fear.

  • and so much more.

Each meeting will include a topic to help improve your skills and confidence. Sample topics may include:
  • Dining Out

  • Gluten-Free at Work

  • Reading Labels & Identifying Safe Foods

  • Gluten-Free Travel

  • Easy Cooking

  • Newly Diagnosed

  • Gluten-Free Challenges

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